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Baby it’s cold outside!!

As moms we spend SO much time making sure the children have the right boots, hats, mittens, stroller blankets or winter stroller accessories that we often forget about US!

Don’t worry!  ErgoMomma has the checklist for Winterizing Momma.  Because frozen momma cannot possibly be her best self for her little ones!

Here are our must haves for the colder months:

(Click here to find out where to purchase these before the first snow or ice hits!)

Stoller mittens or muff: I wish I had a stroller muff 4 years ago!  My first winter with H was cold and snowy and I could not figure a great glove or mitten situation that kept me warm but still left my hands free to zip, snap and care for baby.

Love this:

Perfect for cold strolls

And this:

The Mommy Mitten

And THESE: AMAZE!!  Adding to my Santa Wish List right now!!

Stroller Mittens

Anti-slip shoes or Traction Cleats:  I don’t know about you but I cannot just stay in and hunker down waiting for spring to come!  The children and I would go bananas!  However, one slip on the snow or ice will set you back for days or weeks….ouch!  Or worse yet you fall while carrying your child 😦  I have heard stories, not to scare but it can happen!  Prevent injury when out and about with your children or just out by yourself and wear good footwear or turn your shoes into traction shoes with use of slip on cleats.  Walk safe and be careful with your wee ones!

Traction Cleats here:

Personally use these and love the extra traction

And Here:

Great for all types of shoes

Moisterizer and SPF: Daily moisterizer for not only your face but your hands, especially knuckles, and your lips will keep windburn and sunburn away!

  • Vogue has 12 suggestions for SPF in the winter here.
  • Real Simple has a list of Best Lip Balms for Winter here.

Mommy Hook for Stroller:  Carrying the bags, pushing the stroller, and caring for the children….too much!  Let the Mommy Hook handle the carrying.  Works perfect if the dog is on the walk too!

Personally I use this one and love it:

Grocery bag or Holiday Shopping Bag Carrier:  Keep your body balanced with this handy bag holder to avoid bags hanging from hands, wrists, and elbows.  Even though you can carry multiple bags with this, be mindful of how heavy the bags are to avoid hurting yourself!  So go ON and shop ON!

Try this one:

Or this one:

Stay warm Mommas!  I look forward to a healthy and safe winter for all of us!


Did you ever feel like this as a kid? Just LOVE “A Christmas Story” movie for so many reasons!


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