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Tips for Holiday Shopping from Home

Cyber Monday is upon us and the emails have already started and the online sales seem too good to pass up!

Before you spend hours logged into the desktop, computer, or iPad, be sure to follow these simple tips to avoid the aches of Cyber Monday!!

1.  Remember your posture: Seated with weight on both hips evenly, chin over chest bone (not out over your hands) and wrists active (not “resting” on the keyboard while typing or clicking the mouse).

2.  Take breaks and stand up and walk away from the computer to change your posture.

Take a walk break before the headache starts!!

3.  Try these stretches from  Great list of all of my favorites!

4.  Here are my favorite neck and back saving products to make your body happy while getting your online shop on!!

Products for Computer Posture

Go get the deals everyone!  But try to be friendly to your back, neck, and wrists this Holiday Season 🙂



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