An overdue THANK YOU note

Since starting on the journey of ErgoMomma and talking all about all things the momma body does for myself and my children daily.  I sit back and think WOW! this body of mine sure works hard.


And I am often so critical of it (if only you could lose 5 pounds, if only you would stop craving french fries, if only my stomach was flatter or my hips smaller, and the laundry list of critique goes on and on)!

So in the spirit of this month of November’s holiday of giving thanks and the month of my birthday, I write this long overdue letter of “thanks” to my body and all of the hard work I ask of it every day.  I challenge all of you to get typing or writing and say “thanks” to your body this month as well:

Dear YOU. Love ME.

Dear You,

Thank you for the hard and rigorous work you do to care for myself and my children.  You have grown 2 beautiful humans inside of me.  They are my world and I thank you for the gift you gave me of being a mother.

Thank you for feeding them for months after they were born.  For recovering yourself from pregnancy, labor and delivery…..whew that first delivery was a rough one but we did it!

Thank you for functioning on little to no sleep for months at a time.  Sorry for the crazy coffee intake at times 🙂  I think the car drives itself to DD!

Thank you for physical strength: strength to run and play, push strollers and swings at the park, lift and carry and tickle, crawl like a bear, slither like a snake and act like a horsey to hear the joyous giggles of little people!

Thank you for emotional strength.  Some days just seem so hard but we manage and wake to 2 faces that make it all worth it.

Thank you for hands that hold and cradle and hug and snuggle and tickle.  These hands are also work horses!  Lift and carry, push and pull, grab an arm for safety, hold the toy while children explore, put on shoes and socks and fasten zippers and buttons, create art with crayons, make bottles and dinner, blow noses, wipe bottoms, pick up toys, make puppets come to life, turn pages of favorite books and give “rub back scratches” at bedtime.

Thank you for legs that walk to the park, bend to pick up a child, squat to watch the worm on the sidewalk, run at the gym or after a child at the park, stroll with the stroller on a beautiful day, swim in the ocean on family vacations, climb stairs and trees, and kick a ball.

Thank you for arms that hug both children, carry one or maybe two children, lift kids in and out of cars and carts and stroller, carry groceries and backpacks and just stuff!

Thank you for my lap to snuggle children, read books, comfort a scared child, praise a kind child, share whispered secrets, and allow me to witness life on their level.

Thank you for my eyes to see all the joys of motherhood and to witness life through the eyes of incredible small humans!

Thank you for my lips who give kisses and receive some of the sloppiest, wettest, messiest but greatest kisses in return 🙂



Get Typing!!!

What would your letter of Thank You say?  What are you most thankful for from your body as a mother?  Try harder to say thank you more and critique less.  I will too!

Happy Thanksgiving from ErgoMomma!  Enjoy your loved ones!

Happy Thanksgiving! Love a little Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special!



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