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Tuesday’s Tip: the Half Kneel

As mommas we spend a TON of time bending over to strap the child in the stroller, zip a jacket, tie a shoe, and find a toy.  Not only does bending take a toll on our backs but we can also potentially injure our hamstrings or knees.

Avoid the straight forward bend!!

Next time you bend down to engage the zipper on your 4 year old’s jacket, try this:

Get close without straining your back with the half kneel position!
Photo credit: JJ Cole

The Half Kneel!   It is magic for your back, knees, and hips!

The half kneel position puts one foot in front with that knee bent, the other knee you are kneeling on, and keeping back and hips in neutral.  Here is a picture of half kneeling:

Great posture with hips over back knee and shoulders over hips

This position is great to use when lifting as well.  See the sequence for lifting here:

Photo credit:

This dad has the right idea too!

Not a full half kneel but love lowering the body at the knees not the back! Good job dad!

*Keep in mind if you have knee pain that gets worse when you kneel onto the knee cap or you recently had knee surgery or a recent injury, this may not be ideal for you. *  Proceed with caution and stop the half kneel if it is painful. *


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