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Baby Wearing 101

Thanks to Belle Up Maternity for suggesting to ErgoMomma we talk about baby wearing and how to find an ergonomic sling that makes baby happy and keeps momma out of pain’s way too!

I will preface this by saying:  This blog post is intended to talk about what sling would be most ergonomic for the MOMMA.  I am not talking about parenting style or “to sling or not to sling.”  We will leave that discussion for some other site.  Simply IF you want to wear your child and you want to know what is best for the mother’s spine, shoulders, and hips, read on…

The American Physical Therapy Association has this to say about carrying and holding your baby and toddler:

  • When holding or carrying your child, you should always hold him close to your body and balanced in the center of your body.
  • Avoid holding your child in one arm and balanced on your hip.
  • When using a child carrier, be sure to keep your back straight and your shoulders back to avoid straining your back and neck.

Using this as a guide, let’s talk baby wearing!

  • Wear your baby close to the center of your body.  This can either be in the front or the back but as centered on your body as possible.  Here is the “why”:  Balancing your child on one side or one hip causes your body alignment to shift, creating spine, hip and pelvic stress. 

Great examples of slings that center the weight for mommas:

Front baby wearing

Wrap style baby wearing

Baby Wearing Options the ErgoDadas love (and spine healthy too!):

Great for active outings


  • Opt for a sling that allows momma to have both arms and hands free.  With two hands free momma can perform tasks using both hands, not just one hand performing all the work, cutting down your risk of wrist and thumb strain.

Momma has hands free to play with the toddler while baby is safe and happy:

Hands Free Momma

  • Think about your posture and how long you are wearing the sling.  Take breaks from baby wearing to let your back neck and shoulders rest.  If you start to notice your mid back rounding, your neck slouching and your shoulders rounding forward, correct your posture or take a break.  Stretch using ErgoMomma’s recommended stretches for the Nursing Momma (stretches are right HERE).

Great Momma Posture while baby wearing:

Shoulders back, baby weight centered, momma’s head in neutral

Watch your posture while wearing your baby:

Good posture on the Left, Poor Posture on the Right

  • Always pay attention to the aches and pains your body is whispering to you before they turn into screaming and wailing. 

***Intentionally, no mention of sling brands was made in this blog as ErgoMomma recommends the style of sling not the actual brand of sling.  Many slings at many price points are available so using these guidelines, enjoy wearing your little bundle of joy!! ***


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