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Manic Monday: Meditation

Starting back to work in the school setting, being a mother to my own 2 children, and living on a busy street in Chicago leads to what I like to call “brain chaos”!  It is the brain’s constant work of filtering sound, answering little one’s many questions, multitasking requests, overloading our senses with media and noise, and sound, and clatter!  Did I say noise?  All of the day’s events lead to “brain chaos” so when you finally sit down in silence, the “chaos” of the brain is confused and exhausted but also relieved and happy!!!

Last week for the first time in many months I returned to my chaos mute button: MEDITATION.  Now I have not always been a meditator (nor would I call myself that now); however, I do like to challenge myself and become completely quiet.  For some who know me, QUIET, is quite a challenge 🙂

I can still remember my first meditation exercise.  It was my first day of Yoga for the Special Child training in New York with one of my dearest friends.  I kept thinking “How in the world was I going to sit still and “focus on my breath” for 15 entire minutes”?  The guru must to be crazy!  I envisioned myself shifting, opening and closing my eyes, or worst case scenario: laughing.

And then on day 2…..came the quiet….the calm….the break from brain chaos…

that was it…I was hooked!

If you are searching for a relaxation outlet, here are tips to start a meditation practice of your own:

  • Find a quiet place.
  • Find a relaxing position.  This does not have to be the stereotypical yoga-style posture.  Your favorite chair, the bed or the floor work just fine!
  • Close your eyes.
  • Slowly start to breathe in through your nose, visualizing the breath filling all the space in your body from finger tips to tips of toes and everywhere in between.
  • Hold breath.
  • Slowly breathe out through your mouth, emptying all the space in your body, everywhere, the last drop.
  • Breathe in: Focus on areas of tightness, soreness, resistance, even pain.  Notice these areas: your neck, wrists, hands, back, feet.
  • Hold breath.
  • Breathe out: Focus on relaxing the areas of tightness, letting all the stress in the area drain out and disappear.
  • Repeat until your stress is drained and your mind is quiet.

A Momma Meditation Exercise I LOVE:

  • Breathe in through your nose and think of happiness: one thing you did well today, one success, one great momma moment.  (Smile….it’s ok to smile at yourself….you are amazing)
  • Breath out through your mouth and blow out one stressor: the To Do List, work stress, family stress, momma worry.  Let it go completely, drain your breath and release the stress.
  • Repeat breathing in and think of another great feat, happiness, positive thought of the day.
  • Repeat breathing out and let go of your next stressor.
  • Continue until your final stressor has been exhaled and forgotten.
  • Continue breathing quietly and slowly with your mind empty as you relax from emptying your stress and filling your mind with happiness 🙂

Happy Monday to my meditating Mommas,



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